Dr. Nkemka Anyiwo featured on ABC 6 to discuss trauma produced by police shooting videos

Grateful to provide commentary on the impact of police shooting on our mental health with my sis Shamm Petros. Seeing images of our people being killed and dying is traumatizing and takes a toll on our mental health. Sometimes we watch with the goal of tapping into our collective pain and bearing witness to the truth of what people experienced. However, we can also make the decision to not watch or view those images to protect our wellbeing. We also need to be intentional about the wellbeing of others when sharing news. Be sure to include trigger warnings before posting on social media or sharing with family or friends.

Published by Nkemka

Scholar of Black youth's healing and empowerment. Advocate for mental health and social justice. Creator of art and experiences for soul-searching dreamers.

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