“What Now? A Critical Conversation about Community Healing, Black Youth Engagement, Sociopolitical Context, and Policy”

October 27, 2017

The workshop offered a healing space for all, yet focused on the importance of an Afrocentric approach, amplifying voices of Black students. So while also thinking about allies and collaboration we focused on the roles of Black college students in activism on their campus and in their communities. We also discussed strategies to engage in activism on campus, strategies to balance academic demands with social engagement, and we emphasized the importance of engaging in self-care. We aimed to provide a healing space centered on undoing the residual psychological effects of white terrorism and internalized oppression in Black communities; and to provide recommendations to turn the feelings, thoughts, and insights into policy and action step

Published by Nkemka

Scholar of Black youth's healing and empowerment. Advocate for mental health and social justice. Creator of art and experiences for soul-searching dreamers.

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